Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews and Complaints

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Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews

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    DERVJ1's Picture   DERVJ1    0 Comments   Comments

    If I hadn't moved everything OFF my carpet beforehand, he would not have helped me. Your website says that they will help move furniture. He tried to clean around my couch which is ridiculous!!!! I had to force him to clean that area! I move my couch around the room when family visits.....should I have left that area dirty for everyone to see???? He did not pre-vacuum my side boards were covered with hair and carpet debri. NASTY!!! I did not realize that a "Pad' was going to be used and just some "squirts" of " cleaner.....ALL THAT DOES... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    kiwisux's Picture   kiwisux    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kiwi Carpet Cleaning - Poor quality

    I had used Kiwi Carpet Cleaning about 4 months ago with a coupon and had paid extra for cleaning the stairs and a sofa. The job was adequately done though there was still an area of lightly dirty carpet in the master due to having numerous canines. Anyhow, to make a long story short I had them come back to clean just the 3 rooms and hall (the hall is only about 5 feet by 3 feet) on 2/23/13. They were here all of 20 min. and didn't do an acceptable cleaning job in the master and the carpet was left fairly wet in spite of using a vehicle mounted cleaning system. I called the office... More...
    dabvetir1's Picture   dabvetir1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rudeness

    I called to find out about kiwi services and all i wanted to know was the best deal they could provide me. After asking for an option and if that was something they do, there was a long pause, and the person on the other end RUDELY replied saying maybe you need to go to soemone else, instead of explaining what they can or cannot do. ARROGANT AND RUDE behaviour. Will NOT recommend. More...
    NewConsumer's Picture   NewConsumer    2 Comments   Comments
  • carpet cleaning

    I was quite shocked and disappointed to have spent$100.00 to have my carpet cleaned with a spray bottle and dry buffer machine. I dont even feel the job is as clean as it should be.Never ever again.The tech.was very kind and nice.He just works for your company.This feels like a scam.I am hurt and very very disappointed.Get it right.How are you able to stay ib business? I want my money back. Denise More...
  • Carpet cleaning of the worst kind.

    I was in a rush to have my carpet cleaned.I live in a small one bedroom apartment.Just wanted to have the new carpet freshned and cleaned prior to family arriving for the holiday. I found kiwi carpet cleaning on the internet.$100.00 was quite expensive for just half the unit being cleaned.The tech.was quite polite and friendly.The shock came when...The method of cleaning my carpet was a spray bottle and a dry buffer machine.Spray bottle and dry buffer machine !!! Really.No way, never again.If this wasn't the biggest rip off i have ever seen,then none should be ashmed. Never... More...
    yniecy's Picture   yniecy    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service

    Kiwi to clean our carpets & made them look worse than they were. Included in price was for them to vacuum area they were to clean. Since the tech saw me vacuuming an area, he decided not need to vacuum. He skipped step 1 of vacuuming & started to spray their chemicals on floor then run over with the buffer(our floors got dirt pressed into them due to him not vacuuming. Then he went to stairs and used a small buffer and made a huge mess. The dirty water was sprayed all over our base boards and walls. He got me after he was through making the mess to see what I thought of the carpets.... More...
    Johnk1582's Picture   Johnk1582    0 Comments   Comments

    I worked for Kiwi for over a year so I was behind the scenes. Kiwi hires average people off the street with no experience and gives them very little training. You could possibly be letting a drug dealer, criminal or a thief in your home as these people are not screened, background checks are not done and no drug testing is required to work for this company. The air duct cleaning is done with a reg vaccum cleaner and a made up brush from the hardware store with tubing, pvc and glue/clamps. The brushes they use do not rotate. Half the time the techs do not complete the air duct cleaning... More...
  • Carpet Cleaning

    Kiwi Carpet Cleaning is AWESOME. I love your services. Brian is a wonderful person and a great technician. I totally trust him and I really appreciate how your company is able to work with my schedule. My sister and I both always get our carpets done at the same time. We have the two year warranty and look forward to renewing at the end of our contracts. More...
    shana's Picture   shana    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    Last week I schedule my regular carpet cleaning. The first tech that arrived was 2 hours late and once here, he rushed through the cleaning process within 45mins. My carpet looked a hot mess! I called kiwi customer service and reschedule a re-clean. The tech Anthony was on time, professional and may I add; the BEST cleaning tech that has ever!serviced my carpet. The job was absolutly wonderful. My husband was also pleased with the job. I wanted to let kiwi know what an outstanding job Anthony performed for us. He deserves a pay raise. More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
    cayates's Picture   cayates    0 Comments   Comments
  • kiwi is even worse than you thought

    I've started working for kiwi as a tech and dispatch until they chose me for manager position. Last year I got fed up with so many problems I left and quit. Recently i got curious and looked up kiwi and noticed some reviews on ripped off, measured up and BBB etc. the only thing I wanted to say is that I'm so surprised on how accurate and true every review from the employees and customers are, but there were some says about the managers which i disagree with. The managers pretty much go through alot just like the techs. I have owners and higher ups breathing down my neck forcing me... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Buyer Beware

    I wish I would've read the reviews prior to having Kiwi come to my house. I had the carpet cleaned, which cost me more than quoted. The fumes were so bad that my husband and I had to leave the house. My dog immediately started having seizures and has never had them before. After I recleaned the carpet myself my dog stopped having seizures, coincidence? Do not use this company, they do not use green chemicals as stated, there are fumes and they state on their website there won't be any. I also had to move the furniture myself, the website says they will do it. Please do not... More...
    mmunger's Picture   mmunger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good

    Actually, I find Kiwi does a great job for the price. I have had much more expensive companies clean our carpets with very little difference. Also, with the Kiwi warranty, they do a great job of re-scheduling and making their services very inexpensive. I have two large dogs and two kids and without Kiwi we would be unable to keep our carpets looking halfway decent. My advice, if you are an old grandma that wraps your furniture in plastic and follows the carpet cleaner around to berate him about every spot, Kiwi is probably not for you. If however, you're a family on a budget and... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    drewmichel1's Picture   drewmichel1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay Away

    These are 3rd party guys they send out and I actually saw the guy put his maroon shirt on in the car after he pulled up. They were advertising a special on hardwood floor cleaning specialist to specifically know how to clean my hardwoods. These particular hardwoods are supposed to be left dull and not have any polish on them. Well he applied paste wax which is the one thing you don't do! I called immediately after he finished and his buffer machine left a thick gray wax all over my baseboard trim. This is over 1000 sf of hardwoods, so they said they would send damage control to... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    kdm95's Picture   kdm95    0 Comments   Comments
  • Totally dissapointed

    The driver showed up late with the excuse of "I ran out of gas and had to push my truck to the gas station." Brought in a pump up sprayer a grey dingy looking bonnet and a buffer. Made the statement that he would start in the master (the rear most room) sprayed the entire room with his sprayer (he had not vacuumed nor brought a vac. in the house) he said "I can't get these spots out." We repiled then why are you here?" He said "I'll try one spot" He proceeded to smear one spot and proclaimed "see it won't come out" at that time I... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    rzilla's Picture   rzilla    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having cleaned carpets professionally, I am ashamed of my self for not doing my homework on this one. In a nutshell, their method of cleaning carpets is almost funny. They spray a mist of "cleaner" with a squirt bottle on your carpet and then us a buffering pad called a bonnet that spins in circles to "extract" the dirt. That is the same train of thought as squirting cleaner on a soiled shirt and rubbing it in and calling the shirt clean. Thinking your shirt is clean using the method explained previously is akin to believing your carpets are clean after Kiwi Carpet... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    washington's Picture   washington    3 Comments   Comments
  • Saturday, 9/29 Kiwi came to my...

    Saturday, 9/29 Kiwi came to my home to clean my carpets. I pride myself on keeping an immaculate home. That night and all of the the following week I felt itchy and miserable. I was takling to friend of mine and I mentioned that I had all these itchy bumps on my ankles. She thought that perhaps I had fleas in my home. I discounted that as ridiculous, since I don't have any pets. My friend suggested that I puit on a pair of white socks and walk through my home. If there were fleas in the hous I'd see them on the socks. To my ABSOLUTE HORROR, there they were!!! I called Kiwi and... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    HelenKing's Picture   HelenKing    1 Comments   Comments

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Reviews By Product

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning Comments

jbuttonservpro says: (4 years ago)
Local guys tend to do a pretty good job, but none are as thorough as servpro. I doubt the local guys go through a couple weeks of training before even being allowed to enter your home. Do yourself a favor and call some pro's. You get what you pay for.

jackieee says: (5 years ago)
Beware of this company they are sketchy and completely rude and unprofessional. I would completely believe that any good reports are written by the company themselves because I don't know how anyone could have a good experience with them.

Rafeo says: (5 years ago)
I live in Cumming GA. We used a Groupon for Oxy carpet cleaning but instead Kiwi showed up. The experience started bad when my wife talked to the guy that was coming out and asked if we could move the cleaning because my 12 year old is sick. The guy forgot to put my wife on hold when he called the office and said some things that he wouldn't want her to hear. The guy was rude from the moment he arrived and I don't mean subtle. Then he tried to leave without actually moving the couches and cleaning under them blaming my boys for not moving. Lastly, there was debris all over the carpet when he was done.

Do not use this company!

Johnk1582 says: (7 years ago)
Kiwi to clean our carpets & made them look worse than they were. Included in price was for them to vacuum area they were to clean. Since the tech saw me vacuuming an area, he decided not need to vacuum. He skipped step 1 of vacuuming & started to spray their chemicals on floor then run over with the buffer(our floors got dirt pressed into them due to him not vacuuming. Then he went to stairs and used a small buffer and made a huge mess. The dirty water was sprayed all over our base boards and walls. He got me after he was through making the mess to see what I thought of the carpets. I thought he was joking as they were worse than they were before and the mess he had made was horrible. Our carpets still have stains on them which could have been easily removed. I stepped out side to call customer service and saw that the container he was using to spray our floor was labeled "round up". So, does this mean weed killer was in the container before and now it’s used to put carpet cleaners in it? His car also had 2 different license plates on it, one from California and one from Florida.1st customer rep said she would send another person out to clean but I told her we didn’t want anyone else in our house due to the mess created and we didn’t want to pay for service. She said that if I didn’t pay, I would basically be "stealing”. After speaking to 3 reps and then a manager (over 45 minutes) manager said he would just not charge us for problem. The company was very misleading. The man who cleaned our carpet should have vacuumed, he said the sales rep should have told us our stairs would not look clean as Kiwi is known for not being able to clean stairs good, vehicles should be marked in some way. (the man did clean our stairs a 2nd time but they are now soaking wet and should dry with in an hour according to him but are nowhere close to being dried and have stains on them which make them look like they were never cleaned).Kiwi is very misleading and do not live up to what they say they will do and can do. I feel like they are a scam

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